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A Second Chance A Second Chance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My god.

Depth, meaning, emotion, everything that new age music lacks is displayed here.
This can only explain to me how sophisticated the human race can be, while rap and hip hop tell me how ignorant we as a species can be. Every time i listen to a track like this it blows my mind, because i still know that people like YOU and everybody else whose intelligence surpasses everybody else is still out there, expressing real talent and knowing your notes like they're your home. I know this sounds repetitive because of everybody else, but thank you and i salute you because as simplistic piano solos are, they are always my favorite, and a piano solo like this should be recognized and played for everybody to here, not just the 6000 people who stumbled upon it and the many people who played K.O.L.M.

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~NK~ "Nightfall" ~NK~ "Nightfall"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This music is amazing.

Here's a logical friking question to the dude under me. If you enjoyed it was a 5 nessicary? Look at your comment and look at your rating, a minor mistake doesnt have to drastically alter a rating.

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Sleepy Village Sleepy Village

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This totally reminded me of oblivion. Normally when you visit small cities during nightfall you hear sleepy village music. I really liked it and this amounts greatly to it! Big resemblance, great job! Were you basing it off of Obilvion?

ProudAardvark responds:

Hey Rystan, thanks! I was probably more influenced by the original Final Fantasy, but yeah the genre is all connected. I haven't actually heard the Oblivion track that people keep telling me this sounds like, I'll have to check it out...

ZoicPoet - Deep OceanWIP ZoicPoet - Deep OceanWIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent but not trance-like

Greetings. Your sturctural foundation of this song is noticable in a good way. Though i wouldnt really classify this as a trance song (Though it is trancy in a non active way) it was still a good amount of ear candy. I would reccomend putting a little umph or energy into trance. One person you should look up that you can some inspiration from is NIGHTkilla. I would put this down in the ambience zone. A recognized tranced song is energizing in a remarkably calming way. I hope this wasnt that confusing and i hope this helped. ~Rystan
PS: What program do you use for your music?

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ZoicPoet responds:

I used Madtracker2. Extremely different from FL9, and Reason. It's also considered a retro program, but very good nonetheless. Also, I know. This was my first attempt at trance. ''1st''. Meaning I never ever in my 4 months of making music, tried to make trance. I rarely listen to trance music surprisingly enough. So, yes. The ''trance'' structure is definately have been missed. >XD Although I really love this song. It's beautiful. I also like my other song. The Sunset. Thyey are both complex ; deep, and very soothing if adjoined by the right ears. Thankyou for your review, ^-^;

~ ZoicPoet

"Rising Summit" preview ][][ "Rising Summit" preview ][][

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Good as always, please if you have the time can you tell me what audio program you use? Im trying to work on my music, my FL studio is only a demo, and Myna on aviary is too simple to call creations on that website "my own". If you do use FL Studio (I wouldnt be surprised if you do) then can you tell me what version it is? Thank you if you get to read this comment.

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Rukkus responds:

hey rystan. glad you like my song. and youre right lol. i use fl studios version 8. best of luck bro

"New Song" "New Song"

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I can imagine a man swearing revenge for a lost one with this music playing in the backround.
00:1- Mourning
00:28- Getting up and grabbing a weapon
00:53- Walks out the door starting his journey
1:07- Gets in his car and speeds through the streets, looking for answers
1:20- Finds his answers and continues his trek
1:45- Confronts the man
2:04- Makes a speech
2:16- He cocks his gun
2:32- He takes the shot

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Cold Hope Cold Hope

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A drifiting piece of time fabric. Just pulsing with hyperenergized electricity. Teleporting from one part of the universe to the other. Cause rippings in dimension, causing supernovas. Causing mass explosions, and a great energy that can only be demonstrated through sound. All i can imagine when i listen to this is that. Mysterious, distant, unique traits about this song that are demonstrated the best through this. This piece is brilliant in every single way. From the ground shaking beginning beats to the energizing aftermath. Great job.

GameBalance responds:

hey thanks!

Airwaver(Soul Extended Remix) Airwaver(Soul Extended Remix)

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Your ungrateful slob, stealing an excellent piece of music. Do you thnk you will gain publicity and respect if you stole another person's hard work? That really qualifies a moron. Plagerism is one thing but you dont even dare to mention that you didnt create it. Your lucky you have a 3.88/5 right now, people dont know this is stolen.

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A Sinister Deed A Sinister Deed

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice song

Very ethnic. A little electric feeling to it. You have achieved the madness :D

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Dream of Water and Land Dream of Water and Land

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow what a great tune, you deserved your reward

A very beautiful masterpiece sir. This perfectly demonstrates art through sound. Many pieces really lack that kind of property, everyone is all hooked on modern day disgusting violence spewing rap. They really miss out on what can be really heard of or feel through music. It isnt always about catchy terms or kid like stupid dance moves, its really what you can make out of what you hear and rely on yourself to choose if its a good tune or not. I say its very good, great actually. Im very picky to what i usually hear, and i would listen to this ALL of the time, amazing job sir!

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Semaphore responds:

thank you very much rystan =)